Wet soil
Worms & friends

Sonic Diplomacy aims at developing a soil listening system using sensitive sensors and microphones. Our approach seeks to make perceptible by sound these invisible and little studied worlds that are an essential condition of our survival on earth. Making these invisible worlds perceptible is the first condition of taking the inhabitants of the soil into consideration. From this consideration, this curiosity, can then perhaps be born an interspecific diplomacy or what is called at the time of the Anthropocene, “adjusted consideration”.

Like permaculture, which tries to create alliances, diplomacy and interspecific synergies, our investigation aims, through sound, to create new relationships between humans and non-humans. We wish to initiate an exchange between soil and human species that is not only functional, that is to say communicational, but also creative and artistic.

We envision different ways to experience this dialogue, including through poetic sound experiences, involving humans and non-humans. The question is asked, can we envisage artistic diplomacy between species?

Hut made of locally sourced clay, on display in a field to listen to the soil.
Horns made of metal to listen to the soil on display in a field.